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Freedom’s Note – The Fight (Acoustic)

Freedom’s Note – The Fight (Acoustic)

May 3, 2017 – This is the story of the selfless courage and bravery shown by the firefighters, EMS, emergency volunteers and everyone else who did whatever it took, regardless of the many dangers they faced, during the devastating events that began unfolding in Fort McMurray exactly one year ago today.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone involved in making this video, which includes many of those very heroes and their loved ones.

“We are here. We are strong!”

Directed by: Barrett Klesko, FadeBack Studios United (

Recorded by: MCC Recording Studio (

Freedom’s Note Releases Video for Latest Single, “In Front of Me”

From the Fort McMurray-based rock band that brought you “The Fight” in Fort McMurray’s time of need following the wildfire. Newfoundland natives and rising Canadian rock & roll stars, Freedom’s Note are back with a vengeance. The follow up to their debut video “All We Know” sees the foursome in their natural habitat, doing what they do best – having a great time living life.

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Debut Single Official Video Release

Freedom's Note - All We Know - Official Video Coming January 4, 2016

Canada’s newest band, FREEDOM’S NOTE, are rocking the scene in 2016 with the release of their first single, “All We Know” (CANCON) from their debut full-length album TRIAL BY FIRE (May 2016). The rock and roll quartet originally from Newfoundland and now based in Fort McMurray (AB), consists of Donny Synard (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals), Trevor Lethbridge (Drums), Danny Fewer (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Mark Stewart (Bass/Backing Vocals).

FREEDOM’S NOTE takes the listener on a sonic journey of varying energy to many places, through several feelings reminiscent of the rich Rock ‘n’ Roll history of legend before them, with subtle nods in homage to several other genres along the way. Drawing on music influences from Guns ‘N Roses, Queen, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Shania Twain and Pink, to name only a few, the foursome are steadily growing audiences and continue to awe those they perform for.

Recorded at multi award-winning MCC Recording Studios (Calgary) under the direction of Grammy nominated producer, Johnny Gasparic, Trial By Fire is filled with songs of love, passion, fun and excitement. “All We Know” is supported at radio with tracking and promotions by Linda Dawe of Music Solutions (Sutton, ON). The edgy rock vibe and compelling lyrics are also cleverly captured in a captivating, high energy video. Filmed in cooperation with Ben Brignall at Brignall Equipment Solutions (Fort McMurray), and under the direction of multi award-winning videographer and photographer Barrett Klesko (FadeBack Studios United, St. Albert, AB), the inclusion of Rock 97.9 FM CKYX radio announcer Cubb Carson’s immediate voiceover adds an extra dimension and imagination to “All We Know.”

All We Know” is about carving your own path in life, taking the road less travelled and putting everything on the line no matter what consequences or barriers are put in front of you,” states Donny Synard. “Too many people look for the easiest or safest road in life.  “All We Know” is about seizing each moment and believing that anything is possible. BE INSPIRED.”

FREEDOM’S NOTE (formerly Destranged) have opened for various renowned acts including Simple Plan, Finger Eleven, Trooper, Kim Mitchell, Mother Mother, Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil, and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fame. While steadily growing their fan base, Freedom’s Note will expand their performances and showmanship to audiences during their first national tour in the summer of 2016.

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