The cover art of our latest album holds a hidden secret. Using state-of-the-art FreedomVision technology we have encoded something very special right into the design and now you can decode and unlock this secret using your Android or iOS smartphone.

We are excited to announce that “Trial By Fire”, the debut CD from Fort McMurray, Canada’s Freedom’s Note features the world’s first official music video to debut exclusively using augmented reality technology. Using FreedomVision you can unlock exclusive content from Freedom’s Note, starting today with the debut of the official video for “In Front of Me”, the second single from our debut album, “Trial By Fire”. For the best experience, an actual copy of the album is recommended.

Try It Now!

On your phone…

  1. Get App » then come back, and;
    TIP: Swipe through tutorial & touch “skip” on first use
  2. Follow Channel » then;
  3. View Album Cover


  • You MUST complete steps 1 and 2 in order for step 3 to work.
  • The name of the app is Aurasma.
  • Having trouble? Detailed Instructions for iOS and Android
  • No album? No problem. If you don’t have a physical copy of “Trial By Fire”, you can go to on a second device (either your own second device or someone else’s computer, phone or tablet) or print it.

Stay tuned for more content from Freedom’s Note, available exclusively through FreedomVision!

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