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2017-11-10: New Video Out Now
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2017-03-15: Introducing Our New Drummer

Freedom’s Note are happy and honoured to announce our new drummer, Tyson Coombs and welcome him to the Freedom camp! Stay tuned for upcoming news and info about Tyson and the rest of the group in the near future! See you all soon!

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If Rock ‘n Roll was fine wine, with Freedom’s Note, what you experience is akin to the finest among them.

From Left: Trevor Lethbridge, Danny Fewer, Donny Synard & Mark Stewart

Introducing Donny Synard (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Danny Fewer, (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Stewart (bass, backing vocals) and Tyson Coombs (drums) — a complex bouquet of sound, consisting of a hint of Alberta hardwork blended with authentic Atlantic undertones and a splash of bright Spanish colours. Their explosion of timbral flavour once casked in an obviously well-travelled, battle-tested barrel that has traversed the ages with pure heart and soul at its very core.

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